Genetic testing “hottest” new form of health insurance fraud, FBI warns

The FBI runs an intensive program of counterintelligence efforts to disrupt criminal activities. This is done with intelligence gathered by the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, with a history going back to the beginning of the 20th century. The FBI is part of a wider group consisting of 17 federal agencies that collect intelligence, known collectively as the U.S. Intelligence Community. These efforts by the Intelligence Community and the FBI not only focus on threats to national security from external forces, but they also deal with the broader world of cybercrime.

When the FBI discovers potential criminal activity, they issue an “Emerging Intelligence Report.” One recent report looks at a new form of health insurance fraud that uses cardiovascular genetic tests as a basis for the scam.

What are healthcare fraud and abuse?

Before jumping into the latest discovery of healthcare fraud by the FBI the question must be asked, what is healthcare fraud?

 Healthcare fraud is committed by many people, including healthcare providers, patients and professional scammers. Similarly, the act of committing healthcare fraud covers a broad remit of crime types. The impact of healthcare fraud is not a victimless crime; it affects the entire healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare fraud results

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