Get your ‘I’ve got this’ on – it’s Data Privacy Day!

Another January 28th is upon us, which means we can celebrate Data Privacy Day. Hooray! I’m heading back to the stockroom to see if we have confetti and balloons left from last year’s party.

OK, that was snarky and sarcastic, but probably not too far off the mark for the way most observe the day. If you’re reading this blog, you likely have more than a passing interest in cybersecurity or security awareness. Many of you have all your fingers Hans Brinker-like plugging holes in the dike. But instead of saving Holland from a watery deluge, you’re trying to stop a flood of phishing attempts and keeping the bad guys out of your systems. 

Celebrating Data Privacy Day can feel a little back burner-ish on your priority list.

Good cyber hygiene is a good first step

But that’s not to say the basics of good cyber hygiene touted on Data Privacy Day can’t make a big difference in the core challenges business and security awareness advocates face.

Practicing basics build security muscles, which may prevent a family member from clicking on every survey popping into their social feed. Or it might compel a finance manager to think twice about the suspicious

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