Global Affairs Canada Was Recently Hit by a Cyberattack

The Government of Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is responsible for the country’s diplomatic and consular relations, foreign trade, and the oversight of international development and humanitarian aid programs.

What Happened?

Following an attack on Global Affairs Canada (GAC) systems last week, the organization experienced service disruption.

The incident occurred last week, according to a statement released by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS), Shared Services Canada, and the Communications Security Establishment (CSE).

The attack was spotted on January 19th, after which mitigating measures were implemented.

Critical services for Canadians through Global Affairs Canada are currently functioning. Some access to Internet and internet-based services are not currently available as part of the mitigation measures and work is underway to restore them.

At this time, there is no indication that any other government departments have been impacted by this incident.


Furthermore, although key services are still accessible via Global Affairs’ online systems, “some access to the internet and internet-based services” is not available while mitigating measures have been implemented and systems are being restored, according to the Canadian government.

No evidence has been found that any other government agencies were harmed by the attack, according to the federal government.

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