Global Telecom Company Syniverse Reveals Five-year Breach

Last week, Syniverse, an organization that provides and services for several telecommunications companies,has confirmed it had suffered a massive that exposed billions of text messages and hundreds of customer login credentials for years.

The telecommunication giant processes around 740 billion text messages every year, and some of its customers include major companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-.

According to the company, its client list counts the majority of mobile communications providers, important international banks, and .

Who Was Impacted?


Following the discovery, the telecommunication company started an internal investigation in order to determine the scope of the attack. The investigation showed that that unauthorized access to the company’s system has been ongoing since May 2016. The intrusions went undetected until May 2021.

All EDT customers have been notified and have had their credentials reset or inactivated, even if their credentials were not impacted by

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