Google: Half of compromised cloud instances have weak or no passwords

Online criminals are deploying cryptocurrency miners within just 22 seconds of compromising misconfigured cloud instances running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Cryptocurrency mining is by far the main malicious activity conducted by attackers after taking advantage of misconfigured instances hosted on GCP, making up 86% of all actions carried out after compromise. 

And in many cases, the attackers move extremely quickly after compromising an instance and installing cryptomining malware to free-ride off others’ CPU and GPU resources to turn a profit for themselves. 

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“Analysis of the systems used to perform unauthorized cryptocurrency mining, where timeline information was available, revealed that in 58% of situations the cryptocurrency mining software was downloaded to the system within 22 seconds of being compromised,” Google says in its first Cloud Threat Intelligence report.

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Another striking trend was how quickly attackers are finding

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