Google signs deal with US Air Force, announces FedRAMP High and IL4 authorizations

Google has signed a new deal with the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) that will see scientists and engineers there use Google Workspace. 

The US Air Force Research Laboratory supports both the US Air Force and the US Space Force while providing new technologies for the US military. The lab is focused on everything from laser-guided optics enabling telescopes to see deeper into the universe to fundamental science that helped create innovations in quantum computing and artificial intelligence, according to Google. 

The US Air Force Research Laboratory will now use Smart Canvas, Google Meet and Google Cloud technology in their work. 

“COVID-19 significantly limited the physical presence of researchers in the lab,” said Dr. Joshua Kennedy, a research physicist at AFRL. “Google Workspace eliminated what would have otherwise been almost a total work stoppage. In fact, new insights into 2D nanomaterials, critical to future Department of the Air Force capabilities, were discovered using Workspace that would have otherwise been impossible.” 

Maj. Gen. Heather Pringle added that the move was part of her efforts to modernize the technology used by AFRIL. She said the lab started experimenting with Google Workspace to supplement existing capabilities, noting that it has “revolutionized” their ability to collaborate with

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