Got hit by a cyber attack? Hackers will probably come after you again – within a year

Most companies which get hit by a cyber attack are likely to fall victim again – sometimes repeatedly – as many struggle to improve their cybersecurity strategy, even after incidents. 

According to research by cybersecurity company Cymulate, 39% of companies were hit by cyber crime over the past 12 months – and of those, two thirds were hit more than once. Of those hit more than once, one in ten fell victim to further cyber attacks ten or more times. 

“It wasn’t one and done – in fact, if you were hit, you had much more chance of being hit a second time or multiple times,” Dave Klein, director of cyber evangelism at Cymulate told ZDNet. 

“It’s not like you get hit once and people learned lessons – it really was a situation that your likelihood of being hit again was larger,” he added. 

The most common form of cyber crime which the companies surveyed said they fell victim to was malware attacks (55%) followed by ransomware attacks (40%). Other common incidents included distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) attacks, and cryptojacking attacks

For victims of cyber crime, the most common source of attacks is phishing emails targeting end users (56%) which trick them

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