Hackers are now hiding inside networks for longer. That's not a good sign

The amount of time cyber criminals intruders are spending inside victims’ networks is increasing, providing them with the ability to carry out higher complexity campaigns and more damaging cyber attacks. 

According to analysis by cybersecurity researchers at Sophos, who examined incidents targeting organisations around the world and across a wide range of industry sectors, the median dwell time which cyber criminals spend inside compromised networks is now 15 days, up from 11 days the previous year. 

Dwell time is the amount of time hackers are inside the network before they’re discovered or before they leave – and being able to spend an increased amount of time inside a compromised network undetected means they’re able to more carefully conduct malicious activity, such as monitoring users, stealing data or laying the foundations for a malware or ransomware attack. 

“It seems pretty obvious you don’t want people in your network, but the longer they have, the more time they have to completely compromise the environment. If they’re having to move quickly they might miss something,” John Shier, senior security advisor at Sophos told ZDNet. 

“Going deeper into the networks just allows them to penetrate harder to reach areas and find that business critical data,”

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