Hackers Hijacked Official Ferrari Subdomain to Host NFT Scam

After the hijacking, hackers hosted the Mint Your Ferrari NFT scam on the luxury automaker’s official website.

Italian luxury automobile manufacturer Ferrari’s official website was hacked to promote a fake NFT collection. Interestingly, the company recently announced launching its official NFT collection, and hackers probably took advantage of this news. The fake NFT collection was presented as the official one to trap potential buyers.

Details of the NFT Scam

White hat hacker Sam Curry claims that attackers hijacked the subdomain ‘forms.ferrari.com’ of the company’s official website and hosted an NFT scam titled Mint Your Ferrari. The ethical hacker and bug bounty hunter also posted a screenshot of the hijacked website on Twitter.

Image credit: Sam Curry

Reportedly, the attackers lured visitors to purchase NFT tokens, claiming that it was Ferrari’s official 4458-horsepower NFT series that the company launched on the Ethereum network.

In December 2021, Screen Rant reported that the Ferrari collection would be launched in collaboration with a tech firm named Velas. Scammers marketed the fake NFT collection as akin to owning a Ferrari on the digital space and an instant gateway to the larger Ferrari metaverse.

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