Handling the Cybersecurity Effects of the War in Ukraine

The crisis between Russia and Ukraine is impacting the whole globe. Newsfeeds are being flooded with all kinds of information, and we might have no idea what is true and what is bogus, therefore, in these trying times, it’s more important than ever to safeguard our data, especially when there is also an increasing danger for a cyberwar.

We’ve prepared for you a list of tips you can take to ensure your sensitive information is protected. During this period of increased uncertainty, focusing and executing on these particular, concrete areas of action can help assure that both yourself and your organization are safe from cyberattacks:

Keep Your Users and Employees Informed.

When it comes to protecting your organization from attackers, having rules in place simply serves as the first step in making sure they react to occurrences in the proper manner.

Providing your staff with cybersecurity education options that are relevant to their business and role should be your next step in threat prevention. Some issues that you should cover in future training are:

How to detect harmful links; How to identify malicious attachments in emails; How to identify impersonation attempts; How to navigate safely and prevent visiting malicious

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