Heimdal™ and the “New Normal” of Cybersecurity: An Exclusive Interview with CyberNews

Copenhagen, February 15, 2022 – To address the challenges of the pandemic in cybersecurity and provide a better understanding of what constitutes proper online security, Heimdal™ CEO Morten Kjærsgaard had a talk with CyberNews, a leading research-based online publication that educates and protects consumers around the world from complex security risks.

For more insight on what do cybercriminals usually look for when choosing their next target, the challenges of insider threat, security issues that often remain overlooked, and what is next for Heimdal in 2022, make sure you read the full interview.

Cybersecurity has become an ever-present issue in business boardrooms as threat actors have become more sophisticated, better equipped, and bolder in their acts. Board members and C-suite executives have also become more aware of the hazard as the number of successful breaches has climbed in recent years. However, the emergence of COVID-19 has shifted the paradigm even further for many organizations.

As Morten describes it,

The pandemic has created a “new normal” and has offered cybercriminals many more attack possibilities and targets. As a result of government limitations implemented in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, employees have been encouraged to work from home, and technology has become even more

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