Heimdal™ Security and Techni Team Announce Strategic Partnership

Copenhagen, November 2nd, 2021: Heimdal™ Security and Techni Team are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Heimdal™’s industry-leading cybersecurity services with Techni Team’s next-gen ICT services in primary care and SMEs.

With this cooperation, Heimdal™ is strengthening its global position in the field of Cyber System Protection.

The Road to Excellence

Over the past 5 years, Techni Team has experienced significant growth and has therefore reached a volume level that enables robust security solutions. In addition, the company has decided to focus more on security services in an attempt to contribute to the IT security of Dutch SMEs, by providing best-in-class security services and tools to smaller ICT vendors.

Therefore, Techni Team was looking for an ambitious security vendor with a solid and robust portfolio that appealed to modern standards.

“Our previous solution for Patch Management appeared to be unreliable when it came to endpoint patching. In addition, they only had very expensive solutions for EPDR”, said Techni Team CEO Edwin van Vulpen.

After thorough investigation and research, the company concluded that Heimdal™ offers excellent functionality and premium solutions for EDR, PAM, and Patch and Asset Management.

The collaboration with Techni Team is a great

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