Heimdal™ Threat Hunting Journal: January E.O.M Edition

Heimdal™ Security’s threat hunting journal continues to bring you the latest in threat detection and malware prevalence. Just in case you’ve missed it, last month’s uncrowned malware king was the trojan with over 28,000 positive detections, spread across six strains. Be sure to check out last month’s threat hunting edition for more info about your favourite malware strain and/or variant. Without further ado, here are the ‘goodies’ which came across our way in January.

Top Malware(s) Detection: 1st of January – 31st of January

As expected, king trojans still clutches to its ‘well-earned’ title – 10 strains, totaling a whopping 13,751 positive detections. Last month’s probing saw an increase in malware exploiting Java-side vulnerabilities (257,465 hits for JS/Redir.G13). Interestingly enough, the infamous JS/Redir.G13 has yet to bob up this month, instead of warming the seat for TR/Patched.Ren.Gen4, is a trojan notorious for its infectious and destructive capabilities.

Compared to the previous months (see the previous edition), the number of positive detections associated with Patched.Ren.Gen4 has gone down (19,181 during November – January 1st probing vs. 11,111 during January 1st – January 31st probing), but it did manage to claw its way up to the top of our hitlist. As far

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