Hive Ransomware Gang Impacts MediaMarkt

A Hive ransomware operation hit MediaMarkt, a German multinational chain of consumer electronics stores, with the threat actors initially demanding a ransom of $240 million.

As a result of the incident, IT systems in the Netherlands and Germany were closed down, and store operations were disrupted.

What Is MediaMarkt?

According to Wikipedia, MediaMarkt is a German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics with 1042 locations in 14 European countries. The electronics retail giant has roughly 53,000 employees and a revenue of €20.8 billion.

Who Is Hive ransomware?

First noticed in June 2021, Hive ransomware has already impacted over 30 companies, counting only those that failed to pay the requested ransom. According to the FBI, the Hive group employs a variety of tactics, methods, and procedures to compromise targeted systems.

Hive ransomware is a data encryption malware that has come to the public’s attention through its attacks targeting the Memorial Health System where employees had to use paper charts to go on working as their computers got encrypted. Another victim was also Altus Group, where hackers stole business info and files from the software provider that was later made public on HiveLeaks.

The attack on Memorial Health System shows that, unlike some ransomware

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