Hospital Robots Have Been Found to Have Critical Vulnerabilities

Five serious vulnerabilities in hospital robots that served for the transportation of medical supplies have been patched by vendor Aethon.

Vulnerabilities Found in Hospital Robots: More Details

As recently reported in Cynerio’s public report of Jekyllbot:5, five significant zero-day vulnerabilities in Aethon TUG robots and medical equipment can fall short of adequate security safeguards.

Hundreds of hospitals rely on Aethon’s mobile robots to do basic, repetitive jobs and supplement current workforces. TUGs do errands for healthcare workers, such as delivering medications, cleaning, and dropping off linen and other supplies.

By exploiting the five discovered vulnerabilities, hackers can take control of a robot’s activities and perform a series of malicious actions that could have an impact on patient care like:

taking photos; using camera feeds to snoop on the hospital in real-time; gaining access to records of patients; disrupting or blocking drug delivery.

The flaws may also be used to “take control of the robot’s movement and crash them into people or objects, or use them to annoy patients and personnel,” according to the researchers.

In their report, the security experts described thoroughly what can a hacker do if successfully exploiting these vulnerabilities:

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