How Data is Revolutionizing the MSP Market

Tech businesses have spent the last generation ensuring that customers have real-time, secure access to their information anytime, anywhere. But soon—or even now in some cases—it won’t be enough. Increasingly, customers expect their IT providers to help them analyze the data, gleaning new insights that can help them make better, more informed business decisions. It’s a big opportunity for MSPs and their brethren, especially for those acting quickly, to meet these new demands.

Customer demand for data-driven solutions has been fueled by a larger trend in the market—one where the end user yields more influence in what they buy and how they buy and consume IT, according to Heather Harlos, head of MSP marketing at JumpCloud. “If you look at the history and evolution of the channel, you will see a significant shift,” she said. “Fifteen years ago, it was the vendor to distributor to reseller to end user, with the vendor determining what the next need would be regarding product development. Now the customer is deciding that.”

As end users influence the development of products, services and delivery models, MSPs serve as conduits to ensure that the wants of both end users and vendors are aligned. Gone are the

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