How MDR Services Can Help Vulnerable Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations have not had the best couple of years when it comes to cybersecurity. 2015 was considered the year of the healthcare breach. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, and over a dozen more healthcare providers were hacked, resulting in over 100M records leaked. Yet the risk of cybersecurity compromise has only continued to increase for healthcare companies.

The industry is finally undergoing the digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic and are taking advantage of lean cloud-based infrastructures, new technology, electronic PHI (ePHI), telehealth services, and IoT connected medical devices. However, the innovation largely stops at adoption and cybersecurity is not much of a priority.

As a result, these new technological adoptions and innovations are introducing new risks and increasing the organizations’ attack surface, which is partly why they continue to be a major target for malicious attackers. 2021 could be considered a disastrous sequel to the year of the healthcare breach — over 45M PHI records were leaked, the most since 2015, and over 700 breaches were reported.

While healthcare organizations can make a push for new cybersecurity technologies to try and mitigate this elevated risk, the reality is that their organizational infrastructure is not well equipped to devote the

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