How to block tracking pixels in Apple Mail

Third-party entities go out of their way to collect data from you. In your web browser they use tracking cookies extensively and nearly every browser on the market goes to great lengths to offer tools and features to protect you from the collection of that data.

But did you know there’s a really sneaky way to collect your data from within an email client? The method in question uses invisible pixels (called tracking pixels) in an email to not only help a company see which emails you interact with but how you interact with them. 

What are tracking pixels?

A tracking pixel is a 1px by 1px square image that is created from a simple line of code, inserted into a message and is invisible to users because they are usually transparent and located somewhere innocuous (such as the header or footer of the email). 

These pixels help companies (especially marketing firms) measure open/click rates, discover traffic sources, track conversions, and gather other data points. Specifically, tracking pixels empower companies with the following types of information:

How many people open emails and click-through links.

Provide a general success rate of an email campaign.

Devices used to read email.

Which email providers a recipient uses.


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