How to Choose a Threat Intelligence Provider

Today’s cyber threats are causing more damage than ever. Cyberattacks inflicted the highest amount of monetary damage history last year, and the toll seems to be mounting this year as well. Enterprises around the world are falling victim to advanced attacks that specifically target vulnerabilities. As a result, companies implement numerous cybersecurity solutions to secure their networks.

Unfortunately, most cybersecurity platforms lack proper threat intelligence. While your typical security solution will alert you to potential vulnerabilities and tell you if data has been compromised, they tell you little the about how the threat is known to attack a system like yours.

A proactive approach to cybersecurity provides deep insights into threats that can be used throughout the incident management process to better defend and contain attacks. A threat intelligence provider helps you to understand and defend your weaknesses and to level up your cybersecurity ecosystem.

Now, many external threat intelligence providers offer services to meet the evolving needs of your organizations. It can be hard to decide which solution is right for your business, so we’ve laid out a few tips to help you find a threat intelligence provider that checks all your boxes.

Why choose a threat intelligence provider?

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