How to configure cPanel and WHM Panel on your VPS

What is VPS?

VPS can be a great solution for the web presence of your business, blog, e-commerce, or any other project, especially when you are just going to start or not going to use too many resources, a VPS provides you with a pretty much solid ground, that is to say, security and stability, uptime and fault resistance combined with relatively lower costs.

The reason for this is the virtualization technology that allows dividing the capacities of one single physical server into separate virtual machines with dedicated resources – storage, memory, CPU – as well as their own virtual system and IP address. This way you get the virtual server whose operation is not bothered by its neighbors and at the same time you pay less because you pay just for a part of a physical capacity.

If you’ve made up your mind to opt for a VPS as your hosting solution, you also have to think, about which kind of VPS you need, since VPS are rather customizable and there are many parameters that your choice can affect and that eventually may affect the productivity of your project: the choice of location is determined by the location of

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