How to discover open RDP ports with Shodan

Remote desktop protocol (RDP) allows you to connect to remote computers for administration through a remote desktop client to administer servers and systems. This protocol is generally discouraged because various exploits are designed to abuse it and because many technical teams do not know how to secure it very well. However, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic and many people still working from home, there has been a recent rise in RDP adoption across organizations. 

What is Shodan, and what is it used for?

Shodan is a search engine for internet-of-things devices across the internet. Unlike Google, Shodan does not index files and search for keywords online. It instead searches for ports and services on IP addresses of internet-connected devices. Shodan can identify devices on the internet based on several characteristics. For example, it searches for devices on the internet based on their banner information, geographical and GPS location, firmware version, device type, software version, protocol version and so much more.

Hackers love Shodan because they can use it to discover targets to exploit. Such targets could, for instance, include industrial control systems that are running very specific software versions, internet-of-things devices such as TVs, unprotected cameras that are live

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