How to encrypt your email and why you should

Data privacy has become absolutely crucial for businesses. And some businesses go to great lengths to protect their data, files, and communications.

But consumers and smaller businesses seem to think that adding extra security isn’t worth the extra work required. The problem with this take is anyone who refuses to take the extra steps might find themselves on the wrong end of a data breach.

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You might have sent some sensitive information in an innocent email, only to find some bad actor intercepted the message and was able to easily read the content of that email and extract the information.

You don’t want that. Even if it does require an extra bit of work on your part, being safe is much better than being sorry.

So what do you do? You encrypt your email (or the email containing sensitive information). 

What is email encryption?

Email encryption is a way to encrypt an email such that only the recipient can read it. This works by way of encryption key pairs like so:

The recipient creates a GPG key pair (consisting of a public and a private key) and sends the public key to you.You import the public key

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