How to Keep Employees—and Your Bottom Line—Healthy and Happy During Inflationary Times

Inflation is placing increased stress on both businesses and consumers, leaving organizations in a tough bind—how do you balance employees demanding pay increases above historical levels with maintaining enough cash flow and margin to pay higher bills?

In this video, Rex Frank, vice president of Academy at Pax8 and an executive council member of CompTIA’s Managed Services Community, offers some insights and tips on how to handle increased compensation requests and excessive costs to your business. 

Be a great place to work

Invest in employee benefits and most importantly strong cultureUnderstand what’s impacting margins and how
PayBilling rateBillable utilizationFlat fee efficiency
Increase your rates to customers to offset rising costs
Use a process that gives clients time to adjust their own costs
Other things to consider
Give more to your most valuable employeesRate increases aren’t a bad thingConsider bonuses and non-payroll incentivesWeigh replacement/recruitment cost risks with increased compensation 
Watch now to learn about these points and more:

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