How To Secure Your Broadband?

Having an internet connection is very crucial whether you are using your desktop, phone, or smart TV. But if you are planning on availing of internet connectivity at a fixed address, then a broadband connection can serve as your best bet.

You opt for a dial-up landline connection or the more advanced fiber optic cables while deciding on your broadband connection. The market is filled with an array of affordable deals offered by providers to lure in more customers. However, the one you select needs to be in sync with your particular requirements.

The story doesn’t end once you have decided on the broadband package as now you will have to undertake steps for strengthening its security parameter and that is exactly what we are going to guide you through today:

1: Encrypting the Wi-Fi access points can guarantee a stable internet connection by allowing only authorized people to use broadband. A Wi-Fi router comes with certain built-in protections like WEP, WPA, and WPA2. The most common one amongst these is WPA which is used in both office spaces and homes via a shared password key.

2: One of the best means of securing your broadband from

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