How to secure your home and office network: The best DNS blockers and firewalls

How secure is your home or office network?

I’ll assume you already have an antimalware/antivirus solution in place, such as Windows Security, which is built into Windows 10 and Windows 11 (and which I believe works particularly well). But antivirus isn’t enough.

Escalating international tensions — coupled with an ever-increasing number of professionals working remotely — are driving the need for small-scale solutions and best practices to secure home- and small-business networks and mobile devices from malware, malvertising, and other threats. 

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What follows is a brief guide — with product recommendations and best practices — for those of you looking to navigate the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. If you have limited network security experience but want to provide additional security for yourself, your small business, or your friends and family, this guide is for you. (If you’re looking for more extensive resources on networking security, CISA’s guide is a good place to start.) 

Below are the products I am currently using to protect my family’s home networks and mobile devices. (I expect to add more product and service recommendations when I have sufficient time to investigate them.)

Mobile and device-based DNS VPN firewall

If you can have only

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