How to write a port scanner in Python in 5 minutes: Example and walkthrough

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What is a port scanner and how does one work? Learn how easy it is to build your own basic Python port scanner in this walkthrough from Infosec Skills author Keatron Evans. Get your own port scanner up and running in a few minutes, then play around and see what kind of functionality you can add to it.

How to write a Python port scanner

In this episode of Cyber Work Applied, Keatron helps you build your own port scanner, a tool that can be useful for a variety of different cybersecurity purposes.

Watch the full walkthrough of building your own port scanner below:

Write a port scanner in Python in 5 minutes | Free Cyber Work Applied series

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Python port scanner script: Demo and walkthrough

The edited transcript of Keatron’s how to make a port scanner in Python walkthrough is provided below. It’s broken into each step Keatron covers in the video, along with the Python port scanner script for you to copy.

Creating a port scanner with Python

(0:00–0:55) Hello, I’m

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