How Traffic Analysis Boosts Ecommerce Profits

Attracting traffic is critical to the health of every ecommerce business. However, large traffic numbers don’t necessarily result in sales unto themselves. To boost revenues, you must design pages optimized to convert. Then you need to determine the best ways to attract visits from shoppers who are actually interested in purchasing your products. 

To make sure that you’re attracting the right website visitors, once they’re on your site you need to measure their behavior. In this sense, traffic analysis gives you a peek into the minds of the people visiting your website. 

Aside from measuring straightforward metrics such as conversion rates, traffic analysis also uncovers audience behavior that points to possible product enhancements. Here are a few key ways traffic analysis can boost your profits and help you understand your audience better.

Track Product Demand

Most ecommerce businesses face seasonal variations in product demand. Anticipating these fluctuations can help you plan your working capital and cash flow better. Product demand metrics such as most visited pages and on-site product searches will help you understand what your audience is looking for.

While these data points will reveal demand, you must dig deeper into the patterns in these signals. For instance, which

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