How XDR Can Help With IoT Device Security

With the advent of digital transformation and the pandemic-driven push to remote work, organizations have vastly increased their use of IoT devices. In 2021, the number of IoT devices increased 9% hitting 12.3B devices globally. This trend has been particularly pushed by organizations in the manufacturing and healthcare industries, who have been leveraging IoT devices as key technologies streamlining processes and efficiencies and offering new capabilities made possible by these devices.

However, this shift in digital environments and advancement in technology doesn’t come without its tradeoffs. Due to the pressing demand to accommodate a rapidly shifting remote workforce and because healthcare and manufacturing industries don’t often consider cybersecurity in their major technology shifts, cybersecurity has largely taken a backseat particularly for IoT devices. Paired with inherent risks found in many IoT devices, this environment has turned hostile for many organizations who haven’t equipped themselves with the right technology and solutions.

To better address the increased attack surface resulting from a wide IoT environment, enterprises need to look to XDR solutions as a key service that addresses organizations’ IoT security needs

How IoT devices can increase organizational risk

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