Integrate Cybersecurity Incident Response in DevSecOps

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In today’s age of fast-moving people, processes, and teams, businesses need to stay one step ahead of the curve. This means balancing a system committed to the company’s mission, while also having a vision that’s dynamic and agile enough to remain innovative and react to change.

Developing efficient enterprise software is like competing in a relay race: from requirement gathering to development, deployment, monitoring, and support, many individuals with varying skill sets must work together efficiently to get the app to the finish line. But shipping the app is one thing, making sure its secure enough to handle business needs without constant reconfiguring is another. When it comes to successfully incorporating security throughout the build process without slowing down workflows, collaboration and integrated communication are vital.

This article will dive into the role, purpose, and processes of a successful DevSecOps operation.

What Are Cross-Functional Processes?

Cross-functional processes are projects and tasks requiring teams to develop, deliver, monitor, and support a standard product or fulfill a common goal. These teams — which can include company employees, freelancers, or client representatives — all play a role in the successful development, deployment, and operation of an application.

Using our relay race analogy, these

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