Intel debuts vPro enterprise platform supported by 12th-gen processor range

Intel has debuted the vPro computing platform, supported by 12th-gen processors, with hybrid work and enhanced security in mind for today’s businesses. 

Hybrid and remote working arrangements are now a common feature in many companies — a consequence of the pandemic and one that is potentially going to become a permanent employment option. 

Some enterprise players are now making the transition from remote to hybrid workweeks, including Google. And according to Intel, hybrid and remote setups have become a catalyst for the design of computing systems able to “empower productivity” no matter the size of a company.

The vPro platform has been created to “meet these technology demands and offer a wide range of computing options.”

On March 3, the US tech giant said vPro, now compatible with 12th-gen hardware, comes in four flavors: Intel vPro Enterprise for Windows, vPro Essentials, vPro Enterprise for Chrome, and vPro, An Evo Design. 

vPro Enterprise for Windows: This platform comes with a full set of features and is targeted toward enterprise players and managed businesses.  vPro Essentials: Designed for SMBs and larger companies, vPro Essentials includes device management support, enhanced security, and Intel Hardware Shield.  vPro Enterprise for Chrome: This platform has been designed by

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