Interpol Closes in on Global BEC Gang

Interpol Closes in on Global BEC Gang

Irish police have joined forces with Interpol to track down an organized crime gang that has already stolen more than €14m ($16m) from local businesses and individuals through business email compromise (BEC).

The Garda has been investigating the gang for several years for multiple serious financial crime offenses. Its 18-month long Operation Skein has already led to the reported arrests of over 400 suspects, but the global nature of cybercrime meant international policing work was also needed.

To that end, Interpol’s Global Financial Crime Task Force (IGFCTF) provided on-the-ground support to the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau (GNECB) last month to help share intelligence with international forces.

Interpol also helped Irish police with digital forensic work, downloading data and call records from seized devices and analyzing the evidence “through a global lens.” This has already triggered cooperative investigations with police in the US and South Africa, Interpol said.

The investigation has also revealed links between the Ireland-based gang and notorious Nigerian crime syndicate Black Axe, which also focuses on BEC scams.

“Arrests and prosecutions outside of Ireland are foreseen as ongoing investigations unfold,” Interpol claimed.

BEC has been the highest-grossing cybercrime category

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