#IRISSCON: 12 Ways to Defend and Respond to Cyber-Attacks Effectively

#IRISSCON: 12 Ways to Defend and Respond to Cyber-Attacks Effectively

Best practices to defend and respond to cyber-attacks, drawing on analogies with the COVID-19 pandemic, were set out by Brian Honan, CEO, BH Consulting, during this week’s IRISSCON 2021.

Honan began by warning organizations: “What you put in place to defend or secure your network won’t stop the attackers. It will delay the attackers, but a sophisticated attacker will get by your systems eventually, so what you need to do is design your security to delay them long enough to detect them, so you can respond and kick them back out.”

With this principle in mind, Honan set out the following best security practices for organizations to follow:

Identify Your Key Assets

In the same way certain products and services were picked out as essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations need to understand what parts of their business are most in need of protection. Then, “make sure you’ve got effective patch management and good cybersecurity hygiene in place to keep everything as secure as can be” in these areas.

Have Effective Anti-Virus

Honan noted that many organizations he has helped following a cyber-incident “haven’t had effective anti-virus

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