#IRISSCON: Transition from Cybersecurity to Cyber-Immunity, Says Eugene Kaspersky

#IRISSCON: Transition from Cybersecurity to Cyber-Immunity, Says Eugene Kaspersky

Cyber veteran Eugene Kaspersky outlined the need to transition from cybersecurity to cyber-immunity during a session at this week’s IRISSCON 2021.

Kaspersky, CEO of the Russian-headquartered IT security vendor of the same name, said humanity is entering a new stage of its evolution – the cyber age. In this era, we will become increasingly reliant on digital technology, which will offer huge benefits to individuals and society at large.

However, there are significant barriers to this age. “Unfortunately, we have problems – cybercrime,” stated Kaspersky. He split the types of cybercrime into two main categories: mass cybercrime and targeted attacks.

Mass Cybercrime

Kaspersky described the levels of general cybercrime as “off the scale.” Incredibly, he revealed that Kaspersky detects around 360,000 unique, malicious attacks daily, comprising a mix of automated and “handwoven” attempts. Regarding where the attacks are coming from, Kaspersky noted the most spoken language among cyber-criminals is Chinese, followed by Russian and Spanish/Portuguese.

He added that the perpetrators of these day-to-day threats are junior or mid-level threat actors. This means most threats are not particularly sophisticated and can be prevented by following good cyber-hygiene and security technologies.

However, some of these threat actors

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