Is this the “Summer of Cybercrime”?

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Is this the “Summer of Cybercrime”?

Summer is just around the corner, and malicious actors don’t seem to be planning a vacation as cybercrime continues to up. Learn some security recommendation you can implement to help minimize the risk of compromise.

With the news increasingly being flooded with , and summer just around the corner, will this be the summer of Cybercrime

The news lately has been filled up with many, many cyber attacks that seem to be occurring of late. This just might go down as the “Summer of Cybercrime” as opposed to it being known as another summer in quarantine. Malicious actors look to be not taking vacations and are ramping up their attacks on around the world. Let’s discuss this a bit further.

I’ve been in for 25 years now, and every year we seem to have said the past year was worse than the previous year. 2021 is shaping up to be much worse than all the previous years with

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