Israeli Hospitals Allegedly Targeted by Chinese Threat Actors

On Sunday, the National Cyber Directorate and Health Ministry in Israel declared it had noticed a dramatic increase in attacks conducted by ransomware threat actors over the weekend, which targeted the networks of at least nine Israeli hospitals and health centers.

According to the joint statement, the targeted Israeli hospitals and health organizations didn’t suffer any damage, as measures such as identifying the flaws and securing them had been taken in advance to prevent the attacks from being successful. Also, the local IT teams were very efficient, and their response was quick. 

A Ransomware Attack Took Place Before the Weekend

Unfortunately, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera wasn’t so lucky. The measures mentioned above were taken in response to a ransomware attack on the health institution on Wednesday.

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera was impacted by a significant ransomware attack that destroyed the majority of the medical center’s computer systems.

For the time being, the health center is still struggling to restore its systems, and for the sixth day in a row, its employees are admitting patients and circulating exams on “pen and paper.”

It will take some time for the hospital to return to normal operations, but there’s hope.

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