Italian City Palermo Impacted by Cyberattack, Vice Society Ransomware Claims Responsibility

The Vice Society ransomware gang declared that it had been behind the recent attack that targeted the capital of the Italian island of Sicily, Palermo. The incident has caused a large-scale service outage.

The cyberattack took place last Friday, and all internet-based services are still down, affecting 1.3 million people and tourists who are there for vacation.

On Monday, the authorities confirmed the gravity of the ransomware attack, explaining that all systems had to be taken offline to control the damage and alerting people that the disruptions could last a few more days.

Because its network was shut down, the incident seemed to be a ransomware attack rather than one of the recent DDoS attacks that impacted the country.

Who’s Responsible for the City of Palermo Attack?

Vice Society ransomware gang has taken credit for the Palermo incident earlier this week when posted an entry on their dark web data leak site, threatening to disclose all stolen data by Sunday if they don’t receive the requested ransom.


This indicates that the ransom payment negotiations are still in progress, and Vice Society is hoping that its threats to Palermo’s officials will have their intended effect.

Threatening the victim

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