It's a truly cruel scam. Here's the dramatic way Google is trying to stop it

The call comes. And your instinct is to react instantly.

Screenshot by ZDNet

We all think we’re invulnerable. Until life events — or callous cyberscamming sorts — prove otherwise.

One momentary lapse of judgment, one careless moment of instant reaction, and we can descend into a hole from which it’s hard to emerge.

A particularly cruel scam involves preying on those — the elderly or those not well versed with officialdom, for example — who are most willing to believe an official-sounding phone call is real.

The caller may claim — as did one I received the other day — that they’re from the “Department of Taxes.” They may claim that a member of your family has been arrested and needs to have their bail paid. And, as panic may set in, the request is simple: you can make this all go away with some gift cards.

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That may sound completely scammish to most, but not to all. Yet, how can you get through to the most vulnerable?

Cybersecurity platform Scam Spotter, a non-profit collaboration between the Cybercrime Support Network and Google, is trying something different. Instead of dire warnings that may

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