Job hunting? Watch out for this nasty remote work scam

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Here’s how this works. You’re searching a well-known jobs board and you see a remote work listing from a company you know and respect. The job fits your skill set and background well, so you apply. You upload your resume data as well as the usual personal identification data a prospective employer needs to see.

After a short but expected delay, you’re invited to a Skype interview. You take a shower, put on your best shirt and tie, comb your hair, and prepare for the meeting. At the appointed time, you join the interview and speak for some time to Jennifer and Antonio. The interview goes well.

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You spend a day or so hoping that this will be the one. You’re really desperate for a new gig, and this looks promising. Finally, you find out that you’ve been hired. You’ve got the job!

Not only do you have the job, but the company has a work-from-home allowance for furniture and gear for your home office. You’re sent a check for several thousand dollars, but you’re told you need to make your purchases at an approved supplier.

Unfortunately, the

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