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Join Our #BetheResource Challenge

.entry-content h3 { font-weight: bold; padding-bottom: 10px; } Lessons Learned Through Conflict

Within our community, we often talk about the latest technologies, exploits, tools, and assessment strategies, but this time I am going to change the pace a little bit. One of the challenges that we face within cybersecurity, that we are never really prepared for beforehand, is dealing with emotionally difficult challenges that come with working in cybersecurity.

One way or another, you are going to face challenges that are going to catch you off guard, leaving you feeling defeated or even unappreciated in the services that you provide within the ever-growing threat landscape. These experiences can be very daunting, and make you question various aspects of your career path, which is a position no one wants to be in. More often than not, we do not experience these scenarios until it is too late, especially if you are coming into a job being green.

What I am looking to share with you all are lessons learned from conflicts that I have experienced during my tenure in this field. It is my hope that by imparting my

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