Joke Hitman Website Catches Plotting Michigander

Joke Hitman Website Catches Plotting Michigander

A website, initially set up by graduates to offer IT support, has caught a criminal after a woman used it to try to arrange the murder of her ex-husband. is a darkly titled domain set up by a group of friends after they graduated from a California business school with degrees in IT. 

The site's operator, Novato resident Bob Innes, told SFGATE that 'hit' in the site's title referred to website clicks and that 'man' represented the team of IT professionals whose services were available to hire. 

Since the domain was registered in 2005 with the tagline, "Your Point & Click Solution!" it has received hundreds of inquiries from users seeking to engage an actual hitman to murder on their behalf. 

Innes eventually fully converted the domain into a joke hitman-for-hire site. Despite the inclusion of fake details, such as the statement: "Rest assured that your information will remain private since Rent-A-Hitman is the only organization in the world that is 100% compliant with the Hitman Information Privacy & Protection Act of 1964," some users still took the site seriously.

One such user was 52-year-old Wendy Lynn Wein of South Rockwood, Michigan. In

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