Log4j: Google and IBM call for list of critical open source projects

Google and IBM are urging tech organizations to join forces to identify critical open source projects after attending a White House meeting on open source security concerns

The meeting, led by White House cybersecurity leader Anne Neuberger, included officials from organizations like Apache, Google, Apple, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Meta, Linux, and Oracle as well as government agencies like the Department of Defense and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). The meeting took place as organizations continue to address the Log4j vulnerability that has caused concern since it was discovered in December. 

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Kent Walker, president of global affairs at Google and Alphabet, said that, given the importance of digital infrastructure to the world, it is time to start thinking of it in the same way we do our physical infrastructure. 

“Open source software is a connective tissue for much of the online world — it deserves the same focus and funding we give to our roads and bridges,” Walker said.

In a blog post, Walker explained that during the meeting, Google floated several proposals for how to move forward in the wake of the Log4j vulnerability. 

Walker said a public-private partnership is needed to identify a list of critical open

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