Make Microsoft Defender AV Enterprise Class FREE – Morphisec Guard Lite

According to research, there are over 500 Million endpoints protected by the Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus product. The sheer volume of endpoints makes Microsoft Defender a prime target for hackers attempting to bypass its protection. 

If your company relies on Microsoft Defender, you have likely realized that it is an excellent choice to protect endpoints. Industry tests show that when used properly to scan email, monitor internet browsers, cloud, and apps for cyberthreats it can stop up to 99.5% of known malware (*AV Comparables October 2020 test).

However, the downside is that management gets more complicated once you have more than a few endpoints to manage. Microsoft Defender AV lacks enterprise-wide management capability and control over all endpoints from a single location. It’s hard to secure your company’s endpoints and maintain security if you don’t know if antivirus is activated, if firewalls are turned on or if critical security policies are being followed. 

We are announcing an exciting new product, Morphisec Guard Lite, a complete FREE product made available to every Microsoft Defender AV administrator to provide immediate visibility and control capabilities over your installation. Guard Lite turns Microsoft Defender from a desktop tool into an enterprise security suite!

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