Malware as a Service (MaaS). What It Is and How It Can Threaten Your Business?

Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) is the term used to describe the unlawful leasing of software and hardware for the purpose of conducting cyber-attacks.

Owners of MaaS servers provide threat actors with a remunerated botnet service that allows them to disseminate malware. Clients are often provided with access to a personal account on an online platform and will have the ability to manage the attack as well as get technical assistance via this channel.

This “service” is available for purchase on the Dark Web by hackers, and unfortunately, this scenario is becoming more common by threat actors, who pay the owners of the MaaS platform a membership fee in exchange for access to the platform’s features.

MaaS developers are often not concerned about the data stolen via their products; instead, they may sell it to the highest bidder on Dark Web forums or leave it to the MaaS subscriptions to deal with as they see fit.

What Makes MaaS Dangerous?

As with any service or product that is being sold, developers provide the seller with a comprehensive set of instructions.

It goes without saying that the prospective buyer does not need to be an expert in a particular programming language, and as a result,

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