Mars Stealer: a New Popular Malware on the Cyberthreat Landscape

Mars Stealer, a newly released information-stealing malware variant, is gaining traction on the cyber scene. A first large-scale campaign using it has now been observed by security analysts.

Mars Stealer Background

Mars Stealer stands for a reimagining of the Oski malware, which was discontinued in 2020. It shows sophisticated data-stealing functionalities and targets a wide range of applications.

Mars Stealer has expanded modestly until lately when the sudden Raccoon Stealer shutdown took place and determined threat actors to search for other options. It was promoted on hacking forums at inexpensive pricing between $140-$160, as BleepingComputer mentions.

A great number of new users have shown interest in Mars Stealer, and because the service works in a similar way as Raccoon, it’s poised to become the launchpad for a slew of new campaigns.

New Mars Stealer Campaign Identified by Experts

Morphisec threat experts say they’ve observed several of these new campaigns. This includes also a campaign that employs a cracked malware version packed with instructions for use.

The experts published a report on this topic. Morphisec has discovered a new Mars Stealer campaign that leverages Google Ads to promote cloned OpenOffice sites in Canadian search results.

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