Mars Stealer: Exclusive New Threat Research

The Morphisec Labs team has conducted research on the new Mars infostealer. Mars is based on the older Oski Stealer and was first discovered in June 2021. The new Mars is available for sale on several underground forums and is reported to be under constant development. The Mars Stealer pilfers user credentials stored in various browsers, as well as many different cryptocurrency wallets. Mars Stealer is being distributed via social engineering techniques, malspam campaigns, malicious software cracks, and keygens. (For more about infostealers, read Morphisec’s coverage of the Jupyter infostealer.)

Figure 1: Mars stealer post on hacking forums.

Not long after the Mars Stealer’s release, a cracked version was released with an instruction document. This guide has some flaws. One flaw instructs users to set up full access (777) to the whole project, including the victims’ logs directory.

Figure 2: Cracked Mars Stealer instruction guide.

Whoever released the cracked Mars Stealer without official support has led threat actors to improperly configure their environment, exposing critical assets to the world.

Infostealers Ecosystem

As Sophos explains, information stealers are used for a wide variety of identity theft. They enable attackers to harvest personally identifiable information (PII), including login data such

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