Maze, Egregor and Sekhmet Master Decryption Keys Provided by Their Developer

Decryptors for three popular ransomware families have been recently released by their supposed operator on the BleepingComputer forums. The ransomware operations under discussion are Maze ransomware, Egregor ransomware as well as Sekhmet ransomware.

Maze, Egregor and Sekhmet Master Decryption Keys Out Now

According to the BleepingComputer publication, a user dubbed “Topleak” was the one who leaked the decryption keys linked to the above-mentioned ransomware families on its forum, asserting to be the developer of the ransomware operations.

From the posted poster it comes out that the leak of the decryption keys was actually planned and the reason that triggered this action seems to not be associated with recent law enforcement operations.

Here is the forum post where “Topleak” announced the decryptors’ release.

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As the text reads, the developer said that the team gives up ransomware activities and they do not consider turning back ever. The user also mentioned that all of their ransomware source code had been destroyed.

At the end of the post, one can also find a download link. By accessing it, people can obtain a 7zip file that includes 3 archives, each corresponding to a ransomware family. Besides the three already mentioned, the fourth

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