Maze Ransomware: Origins, Operating Mode, Attacks

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Coming back to your laptop only to find all your data encrypted and a defiant message on your screen asking you for money in return might probably be one of the scariest scenarios related to cyber-attacks. If you’re “lucky” enough to get targeted by cybercriminals, you might find out that Maze ransomware is even more frightening.  

What Is Maze Ransomware?

If ransomware refers to a type of malware (malicious software) that encrypts all the data on a PC or mobile device, blocking the data owner’s access to it, as we explain in our Cybersecurity Glossary, Maze ransomware is an even more dangerous attack, as the criminals behind MAZE also have a public website where they post the stolen data of the victims who refuse to pay the extortion fee. 

The particular Maze ransomware is nowadays so alarming because, even if you do manage to get access to your essential information through backups, the criminals would still have a copy, which could degenerate into a massive GDPR issue. You might be facing a combination of a ransomware attack and a data breach. As the criminals mention on their website, if the ransom is not paid,

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