Medatixx Hit with Ransomware Attack, Customers Need to Change Passwords ASAP

Following a ransomware attack that crippled its whole operation, Medatixx, a medical software provider from Germany whose services are utilized in over 21,000 medical institutions, advises users to reset their application passwords.

In addition, to practice software, Medatixx offers additional solutions, including online appointment booking and video consultation hours, as well as services for practice IT and practice management software.

What Happened?

In the middle of last week, we were the target of a cyberattack in which important parts of our internal IT system were encrypted. As a result, our accessibility as well as the entire company operation are currently severely impaired.


Were the Customers Impacted?

The vendor explained that the damage has not reached customers and is restricted to their internal IT systems and that none of their PVS (practice management systems) will be affected.

As things stand, the attack was directed against Medatixx as a company, not against our customers. The functionality of the systems in your practice / your MVZ / your outpatient clinic is not affected according to the current state of knowledge.


Nevertheless, attackers may have managed to obtain Medatixx users’ credentials, as the company doesn’t know what information was stolen during the

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