Memorial Health System Confirms Data Breach

Memorial Health System Confirms Data Breach

A cyber-attack on an Ohio-based health system may have exposed the protected health information (PHI) of 216,478 patients.

Memorial Health System was hit with ransomware in the early hours of August 15 2021. The incident forced the health system to suspend user access to all information technology applications related to its operations.

The disruption caused surgical cases and radiology exams to be canceled and placed Memorial Health System emergency departments on diversion.

Speaking at the time of the incident, Memorial Health System president and CEO Scott Cantley said: “Staff at our hospitals – Marietta Memorial, Selby and Sistersville General Hospital – are working with paper charts while systems are restored, and data recovered.”

A press statement, released three days after news of the ransomware attack broke, gave the impression that Memorial Health System had opted to pay its attackers.

“We have reached a negotiated solution and are beginning the process that will restore operations as quickly and as safely as possible,” said Cantley in the August 18 statement.

He added: “We are following a deliberate, systematic approach to bring systems back online securely and in a manner that prioritizes our ability to provide patient care.”

An investigation into the security

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