Mergers and Acquisitions: Addressing the Network in the Room

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According to recent research by Deloitte, the biggest hurdle in effectively managing a deal in today’s environment is technology integration, and 51% of executives view cybersecurity as their top concern in executing mergers and acquisitions (M&As). But this number should probably be higher, as many security professionals know that M&As are often an open target for bad actors.

M&As give cybercriminals an opportunity to compromise the acquired company in order to later gain access to the bigger, more valuable business. This is almost what happened to Marriott in 2018 after its acquisition of Starwood, whose reservation database was compromised. Attackers will often probe for openings and vulnerabilities in smaller companies that will allow them to gain a foothold into the infrastructure. After the merger, they can use this compromised device to access the larger enterprise’s network.

Network and security teams need to carefully account for vital cybersecurity, privacy, and data

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